I Am Your Guide Through The World of Money No matter where we may live, we often find ourselves in an urgent hunt for money. In the course of our daily lives, we witness people struggling to meet their basic needs to floor through this very difficult times. In my personal experiences, I

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If a small business owner needs assistance in obtaining working capital there are resources available to help. But there is an important consideration in any attempt to find working capital. In short, the business that will benefit the most from obtaining business working capital is the country that makes it available.

Lilibeth Costas Santiago

For over 25 years, the career of Lilibeth Costas Santiago has been one of integrity, accountability, and expertise. Mr. Lilibeth Costas Santiago is a financial services...

Lilibeth Costas Santiago

Superscript Ninety percent of clients regularly complain that money is constantly leaving through little fingers or a large purse. There's nothing to do about this problem. You're just not used to having money. As a financial counselor, I realize that money is a vital part of life.

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